As full-service provider, we support biopharmaceutical companies with orphan portfolios with all services starting from Named Patient Program till the commercialization of orphan drugs in 8 countries.

Our Past and Present Partners

Develop Sanofi Genzyme business in Central Asia and Caucasus countries with launching new rare portfolio products in lysosomal disorders diseases

Set up diagnostic and patient support programs for Duchenne patients in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan countries

Provide expanded access and treatment for new exon-skipping therapies for all eligible Duchenne Muscular diseases patients in Central Asia and Caucasus countries

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Pharm&Access is operating and shaping market and environment in 8 countries through their partners to make innovative and orphan products/therapies available for rare disease patients as quickly as possible

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population 20 000 000 people, GDP-605 billion $
population 36 024 946 people, GDP-340 billion $
population 10 157 406 people, GDP-181 billion $
population 3 736 400 people, GDP-74,7 billion $
population 2 777 971 people, GDP-52,7 billion $
population 6 283 199 people, GDP-119 billion $
population 10 011 000 people, GDP-48,6 billion $
population 7 037 000 people, GDP-41,7 billion $
Regulation&Market Access

- Standalone outsourcing of regulatory and pharmacovigilance services

- Named Patient Programs while available in the Territory, only allow limited access and for orphan disease patients

Medical Affairs/NPP management

Coordinating Named Patient Programs (NPP) & Expanded Access Programs (EAP) Liaising with multiple institutes for genetic confirmation, working with patient organisations and physician organisations

Distribution & Tender Support

Standalone outsourcing warehouse is carried out according to the GDP standards.

We also support our partners through:

- Comprehensive logistical and financial solutions

Warehousing at ALG Company

We ensure adequate warehousing in ALG Company warehouse, which has a capacity of 65 000 pallet spaces on 48 303 m2 and meets all requirements and standards of Good Distribution Practice and applicable legislation. The operation is supported by the WMS Exceed 4000 Warehouse Management System.