Why we are

We are a partner Pharm&Access in Central Asia and Caucasus countries based in Almaty, Kazakhstan that provides full support to international pharmaceutical companies who need support in orphan/rare disease in Central Asia and Caucasus countries. 1 single point of contact gives you the opportunity to sell your products through us to more than 8 countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia) with more than 80 million people population.

Pharm&Access company is successful in sales and marketing of orphan diseases direction in these countries. We are a well-respected and trusted company and we will do our outmost best to sell your products in our part of Region. We have 1 mission: to exceed your expectations of the cooperation with us!

Apart from our sales capabilities, we can handle the distribution, market access (price, reimbursement, hospital protocols) and the registration, even successful lead patient named sales, expanded access programs for each rare disease patients in our Region.